A Community Initiative to Improve Reading Skills

Only 43% of students in Longview schools can read at grade level. This presents a serious threat to our future workforce.

LongviewREADS is a partnership between the Longview Area Chamber of Commerce, local nonprofit organizations, and our schools to engage our community to support our students.


Why LongviewREADS!?

We are committed to creating an ecosystem that allows businesses to thrive.

There is a direct correlation between an employee’s ability to read and their success in the workplace.

With just 46% of Longview area students reading at grade level, we must come alongside our educators now to support our students.

Success breeds success, so if we are able to make a positive difference in reading outcomes, we will have a stronger workforce, stronger businesses, and will attract more strong businesses to Longview.

Join LongviewREADS now to create a better future!

What Does Success Look Like?

We know that when the Longview area business community sees a challenge, they will get to work to overcome it!

With your help, LongviewREADS! will result in better readers and a better workforce for our community.

If we do nothing, our students will continue to struggle and we will miss an opportunity to create a strong competitive advantage for our businesses.

Who Can Participate in LongviewREADS?

Who can participate? YOU! Choose a selection below to see how you can help build a strong future workforce.




Be a Part of a Better Future!

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Longview area students and build a stronger, more prosperous community for all.