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Ways you can get involved as an employer

  • Invest in Prizes for Student Readers: Teachers will be the first to tell you positive reinforcement works and time on task will improve any skill. Help our schools encourage kids to read by sponsoring prizes that will provide just the motivation students need to become successful readers…and eventually successful workers!

Don’t wait – Contact Taylor Clark at Spring Hill Primary and Spring Hill Intermediate, Julie Hope at Bailey Elementary, Christina Eagan at Ned E. Williams, Christi Coleman at Hudson PEP Elementary, Dr. Crystal Locke at JL Everhart, Christy Scott at Johnston McQueen Elementary,  Dr. Jacqueline Burnett at East Texas Montessori Prep Academy, Dr. Ruthie Walker at Pine Tree Primary, Daniel Stuard at Pine Tree Birch Elementary, or Melanie Keoun at Pine Tree Parkway Elementary today!

Spring Hill Primary and Spring Hill Intermediate

Bailey Elementary

Ned E. Williams

Hudson PEP Elementary

Johnston McQueen Elementary

East Texas Montessori Prep Academy

Pine Tree Primary

Pine Tree Birch Elementary

Pine Tree Parkway Elementary

  • Encourage Employees to Volunteer: LongviewREADS offers several impactful opportunities employees can plug into. Create a culture of giving back by establishing structured community volunteer hours at your business and give employees time during work hours to help build the workforce of tomorrow.

Email The Chamber at chamber@longviewtx.com to let us know how your business structures service opportunities so we can include you on the LongviewREADS team!

  • Become a Friend of the Public Library: Friends of the Longview Public Library help fund, promote, and volunteer at the Library to encourage the love of books and promote active learning through reading. The Library is vital to ensure students have access to books year-round.

Simply fill out this form to become the next Andrew Carnegie and support the future by supporting the library.

  • Read to Succeed: The “Read to Succeed” initiative from Greater Longview United Way is dedicated to advancing literacy among students, aiming to ensure they read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. Emphasizing a love for reading and providing access to high-quality reading materials, the initiative is crucial in light of findings by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Their study revealed that students not proficient in reading by third grade were four times more likely to drop out of high school, with 88 percent of high school non-graduates struggling with reading in third grade. In response, the Greater Longview United Way introduced a grant program offering book vending machines to Primary/Elementary schools and nonprofits in Gregg, Harrison, and Upshur counties. These innovative machines function like traditional vending machines but dispense books instead of snacks. Grantees receive special tokens for the machines, each capable of holding 200-300 books, providing a creative solution to promote reading proficiency in the community. Businesses can get involved by sponsoring machines while contributing to the literacy growth of the community.  More information can be found at longviewunitedway.org/readtosucceed or contact Dr. Evan Dolive, Executive Director, at edolive@longviewunitedway.org

Other Ways To Get Involved